I apprenticed as a mechanic trade school musical musical instruments Kraslice in 1983 and until 1998 worked on the final assembly of the saxophone in the company Amati (Amati Denak Ltd. today). In 1998 I started my own business and specialize mainly saxophones.


Finish all brass (metal), musical instruments - sandblasted and polished silver, polished and sandblasted gold, nickel, chrome, paint - gold, natural, red, black, blue, etc.

renewal and new engravings (ornaments, sign your company sales, anniversaries, names, dedications, etc.).

Atypical presentation of custom fingerboard

interior and exterior renovation and production of new trunks.

production of special tools for musical instrument repairers

valuation of all brands of saxophones from a catalog N.A.P.B.I.R.T.

database of offers and demands of older saxophones

methodological tools for beginners



sales tools and accessories, which can be found in the e-shop, especially the permanent supply of old American and francouzkých saxophones with both old and new surfaces - to order a particular type of instrument.

Sale of new mujsik instruments

Sale and installation of swing podlepek Top Tone (new from the Netherlands).

sell accessories for musical instruments (slices, kisses, racks, cases, etc. see e-shop).

dots for sale - 5000 songs for sax + guitar chords.

textbook "School of the saxophone" and audio CD tool

sales schemes of nomenclature of brass instruments, A3, A4 - Saxophone, Flute, Alto clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, horn.